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Energetik is Enfield Council’s own energy company. Energetik is the provider of heat and hot water to all the homes and businesses on the development through a high-quality heat network.

What is a heat network?

All of the properties on the development get their heating and hot water from Energetik’s Arnos Grove heat network. This is a shared energy centre on the site that heats up water and pumps it through a network of insulated pipes into each property. The key difference between district heating and a conventional heating system is that there is no need to have a separate boiler in each home.

Energetik also takes care of all repairs and maintenance of the heat network. Every home is fitted with a heating smart meter and heating controls so that each customer has as much control over their heating as they would experience with an individual boiler.

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Benefits of being connected to Energetik’s heat network

There are lots of reasons why the new properties benefit from being connected to Energetik’s Arnos Grove heat network.

better service: customers have access to a support team who are available 24/7 to respond to faults. Energetik’s guaranteed standards of service include rapid response times and compensation payments if we let customers down.

better reliability: the system has been built to a very high standard and has back-up built in, to reduce supply disruptions.

better efficiency: we have installed a higher standard of equipment and more insulation than traditionally used in heat networks in the UK.

better for the environment: the energy centre uses a combination of large gas-fired boilers and a low carbon Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine to heat the water in the network. This reduces home’s carbon emissions from heating by up to 60% compared to a normal high efficiency gas boiler.

Independent customer protection

Energetik’s Arnos Grove heat network is registered with Heat Trust, the independent protection scheme for heat network customers.

Heat Trust sets a common standard in the quality and level of customer service expected from heat suppliers. It also provides an independent process for settling complaints between customers and their heat supplier through the Energy Ombudsman. The standards of service have been designed to be comparable to those required by electricity and gas suppliers.

Why does the development have a heat network?

All new developments in Enfield have to connect to a heat network and meet a set of quality standards to comply with local planning law.

Heat networks supply to over 500,000 customers across the UK and they are becoming more common in large developments, particularly high-rise developments in urban areas (see this report from the Association for Decentralised Energy for more information).

Government is also providing funding for district heating networks, because they have an important role to play in reducing the UK’s carbon and cut heating bills for customers.

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