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Our team

New Ladderswood LLP consists of Mulalley and One Housing Group

  • Mulalley

    Mulalley is a family owned local company based in nearby Woodford Green. We will build all of the new homes, community centre and commercial buildings. In partnership with One Housing Group, our sister company Sherrygreen Homes will market and sell the new homes for sale.

    Mulalley is a multi award winning construction company, which has been working on occupied estates, similar to Ladderswood for nearly 40 years.

    We are one of the founder members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, established to ensure that builders are considerate and good neighbours, as well as clean, respectful, safe, environmentally conscious, responsible and accountable.

    To date, we have won over 80 Considerate Constructor Awards and continue to work to exceptionally high standards. We are also the only construction company to have received a Queen’s Award for their efforts in resident liaison and consultation.

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  • One Housing

    We help people to live better by providing high quality homes and care across London and the South East. We manage approximately 16,000 homes and have plans to build 5,000 more by 2028. We also care for over 11,000 elderly and vulnerable people to help them live independently.

    We work hard to make a positive difference to our residents’ lives by promoting aspiration, independence and well-being through a range of training and support services.

    One Housing will be your landlord and will undertake housing and estate services for all of the homes through their management arm - Citystyle. Citystyle manages a portfolio of over 4,800 properties in London and the South East and provides a wide range of associated services. Striving to deliver homes that will surpass your expectations, we are constantly assessing what features to improve so that you can be assured that your new home is of the highest standard.

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The rest of the team

  • Sherrygreen Homes

    Sherrygreen Homes was launched in 2005 as the residential arm of the successful Sherrygreen Group of Companies.

    With the financial stability provided by the group, Sherrygreen Homes are able to provide home buyers with a consistency of commitment equal to any within the residential market place.

    Quality of construction is a prerequisite on all our developments. We believe a homebuyer should be able to rely on their home being designed and built correctly - we want our purchasers to be glad they live in a Sherrygreen home.

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  • Pollard Thomas Edwards

    PTEa are our architects. They specialise in the creation of new neighbourhoods and the revitalisation of old ones. They have worked closely with the residents of several of London’s estates to improve their housing, community facilities and open spaces.

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  • energetik

    energetik has been established by Enfield Council to provide better value energy that’s reliable and environmentally friendly Our community heat networks provide heating and hot water to homes, public buildings and businesses. They are central heating systems that are shared through a network by a whole community. That’s why we call our networks ‘community heating’..

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