The scheme and masterplan

Image of the scheme

The project started life in 2011 when Mulalley and One Housing won a competition to redevelop the Ladderswood site on behalf of the London Borough of Enfield.

Consultation and obtaining a planning permission took until February 2014 and work started a couple of months later.

The first construction was the underground Energy Centre together with apartments above; this is large enough to provide energy for all of Ladderswood and much more besides, to meet the future energy needs of the surrounding area.

After this came the southern part of the development, the most complex and which includes the link through to the industrial site, the apartments facing station road, the landscaped central area and the Premier Inn Hotel. What is not apparent is the vast underground car park which extends under half of this part of the site.

What’s happening next?

Whilst the apartments fronting Station Road are being completed, design and procurement operations continue in order to permit the remaining apartment blocks overlooking the central landscaped area to be built, with construction starting in early 2021. Some of these blocks have to be completed before further phases of the development can be progressed.

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